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Now on Spoonflower

Now on Spoonflower by Jennifer Appel
It took me some time to get organized, but I now have a Spoonflower shop with a few designs. At Spoonflower, you can print on demand fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, and wall decals in the design of your choice.

Have a look here.



Pod collection by Jennifer Appel
Making patterns is like knitting. Stringing images together – hoping they match up in the final. These are four that I did between slices of Christmas cake. I hope you holidays have been stringing together just as well.



1-4-6-8 by Jennifer Appel
A sample of a project I just finished. I had this guy running around my head. Now he can play in the flowers.


Decking the halls


 For those of you who still have holiday decorating on your to do list, there is a nice little snowflake tutorial over at illustrating.com.


It's a blog party


As I have mentioned before, I took Lilla Roger's Making Art that Sells course in the month of October. One of the great benefits of the course, was the Facebook group where all my fellow classmates could come together.

Now that the course is over, we decided to do a blog tour. So today, I have a few extra special guests stopping by! Give a big welcome to the Mats 2A participants.

Before the course, I did a lot of urban sketching which is a great way to get sketching and practice different techniques. But having done that for over a year straight, a few things became certain – sketching in the winter in Canada is COLD! At minus 20°C, there are not too many pens that will agree to work and good indoor spots are limited. They are looking to hibernate for a few months!

This is where Lilla Roger's course came in. Looking at markets such as bolt fabric, home decor, gift, etc., has given me some new directions. I've realized, it's nice to have a project to work on.

So what have I been up to the last 4 weeks since the class ended?? I have dusted off my portfolio, including a new monthly newsletter signup. I have uploaded my coffee design (wk5) to Society6 as well as my wall art (wk4) design. And now I am starting in on some new designs which hopefully I'll be able to share in the new year. It's going to look a bit like Santa's workshop in the new few weeks around my place as I get everything together!

Danielle McDonald, who I am co-hosting the blog party with today, made this wonderful video about her experience doing the course.

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Cyber Monday

Society6 is offering free shipping worldwide thru to the end of Cyber Monday. And I've added a few things to my shop to check out.



Bobbles Currants Dangling
Some of my sketches from the other week while researching berry plants.


Week 5


Well this is it – week five. This week we looked at the gift market in Lilla's course. We were asked to elaborate on the theme of something we collect. Ok, not a surprise here what I chose. I had a lot of fun doing this piece. And now the course is coming to an end. I must say, it does feel a bit of an empty nest now. I enjoyed having a project each week.

So now onto other things. I've got lots of inspiration for  more projects, so now I need to get drawing and get to work!


Week four


This week was collage week in Lilla Roger's Make Art the Sells course. Not exactly something I do often, or even, at all. So it took a few tried before I got something I was happy with.

We had an imposed colour palette – mine was orange and red and all the neutrals. We had to add some type and a floral element.

I have to admit, it was nice to get my fingers dirty with paint. I'll have to try this from time to time.