Paralysis by Jennifer Appel
I didn't know what to draw one evening. So I decided to do a quick face study. I went to Google and typed in "face" and picked the first one that appealed to me. It was a picture of a young girl.

My drawing evolved into something else – an older person appeared. Once I was done, I went back to the original link of the girl and clicked on it to see who belonged to the face. Turns out it is part of an exhibit of portraits by photographer Sage Sohier, called About Face.

She features people with partial facial paralysis. The idea behind the photos is to examine how we express and perceive emotions. As people with partial paralysis can show two emotions at once. The people in the photos are quite captivating. Worth having a look.

I liked how the fold of my sketchbook cut my portrait in two – fits well with the original photo. I think this is one of my favourite sketches.

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  1. This is a very amazing photograph of the young girl and used a unique technique by the artist. For more information about painting you can visit: http://www.indianartideas.in/


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