New toy

Taking my new pen for an inaugural sketch using the Posemaniacs site. I picked up a Hero 86 pen, which is a Fude style fountain pen. The tip of the nib is bent - used for Chinese calligraphy. Depending the angle at which you hold the pen, you can get thick or thin lines.

New toy

At it's thickest, it's more like using a paintbrush than a pen! But it does go through ink. To me that's not really a problem – it just means I can switch up my inks more often.

The ink converter cartridge does look a bit flimsy. I did do a bit of research – apparently Parker cartridges will fit Hero pens (which is a Chinese pen company). I am wondering if anyone has some experience with this.

I like how it glides on the paper. It will be fun to experiment more with it.

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