Fanny Fanny

Fanny Fanny by Jennifer Appel
So with my new Hero pen in hand, I went out the next Sunday afternoon to the Museum of Fine Arts. It happened to be a nice sunny day. Outside the museum, they have built up a nice sculpture collection which I had been wanting to sketch.

This is Fanny, Fanny by César Baldaccini (known as, César). Made of welded bronze pieces, dated 1990. From my research, it seems that an edition of 8 were made.

My sketching this day started out a bit off and awkwardly. Until I spotted Fanny. This Osterich seemed perfect for the bold stroke of my new pen. The background colour of my page I had painted the day previously.

It's so fun to work quickly with the Fude nib – the width of the stroke you can't completely predict. But sometimes you hit the angle and speed just right and it kicks out a nice splash of ink.

My only regret is not being able to capture Fanny's roller-skate feet.

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