St Vladimir's

St Vladimir's by Jennifer Appel
St Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church sits on top of a hill in Calgary, overlooking the Bow River and downtown core. It's impressive driving by below, but once I got on it's level, it is actually quite a small church. I have always liked its onion domes.

This sketch, did put up a bit of a fight. There are structural problems, I know, but the sky almost did me in. I painted it, then added some more, then glazed. Nothing looked right. I took it out once I scanned. Now adding it back in digitally. For a little church, it put up a good fight!


  1. Feisty but very cute! I know cute probably isn't the right word but there is a fairy tale sweetness to those turrets. I love those shapes. The boldness of your colour I think helps to counteract that well and makes it more real and gives it a good weight.


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