Panorama sketching

Oratory panorama

My first attempt at sketching a panorama. I went back to the Oratory and did this one from one of the balconies. 

The buildings top centre are part of the University of Montreal campus. Upper right, the trees are the start of Mont-Royal.

Sketching panoramas is a bit addictive. Kind of like knitting – stringing one building to another. You need to like drawing squares and cubes. And windows. And trees are very helpful filling those gaps when the buildings don't line up!


  1. Excellent artwork!
    Love it.

  2. Awesome job. I really like the way you manage to do this panorama sketch! Wonderful! I never did one, ... your work made me want to try :D thank you

  3. Thanks you two!

    Ana you should try one! Just start with one building and then add the next one, then the next one, then...

  4. This looks great! Were you on a rooftop? Love your sketches.

  5. This is SO good! I really love the negative space outline. It's something I always admire, but don't do nearly enough. It really balances out the weight of the colored skyline! Beautiful job!


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