Sunday sketching

Canal Lachine - first morning sketch 

Yesterday was our April Montreal urban sketchers meetup. This month we met at Marché Atwater and sketched along the Lachine Canal. We were really lucky, the weather was gorgeous! Above was my first sketch of the morning. I felt very rusty, have not done much sketching outdoors this month.

Montreal has basically three seasons: winter, summer and fall. We seem to go from zero degree celsius straight to twenty degrees in an overnight. That's exactly what happened this weekend. And with summer not lasting that long here, everyone was came out to get a bit of the sun.

Canal Lachine - second morning sketch 

This is my second sketch of the morning. There were tons of people along the bike paths that go along the canal and link with the Atwater Market.

In my opinion, May and June are the best months in Montreal. The temperature is quite warm and not overly humid. Generally not too many days of rain either (contrary to July and August). September would be my third pick.

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