Hoya doin'?

Hoya hanging
My Hoya plant in its new hanging thing that I crocheted the other day. Apparently these plants like to swing. I'm hoping this is so and that it will convince it to maybe spit out a flower. So far in the three years we have been together, it has not flowered. Anyone know how to coax a Hoya to flower?

For those interested, the pattern for this plant hanger can be found here.


  1. Love it! Coincidentally I'm off to make some macrame hanging plant holders today. Also, although I'm trying to keep an edible plant theme going I've been checking out the hoya's at the plant nursery. My Grandmother used to do a great job of growing them but I dont know of her tricks. I'll ask my Mum and pass on any tips!! :)

  2. My grandmother would always pluck off the tips of hers thinking it was dead growth. Only 40-ish years later did she learn that the was actually the start of a flower!

    Her Hoya grows like crazy - must be a grandmother thing!

  3. i don't know anything about that sort of plant - but one thing i know for sure - i really love this drawing!! great job. thank you for sharing :)


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