St Paddy's

St Patrick's Parade

I went to the St Patrick's parade yesterday to see how much I could sketch. I was joined with two other urban sketchers. The above sketch was where we met up – across from the Hudson's Bay.

Not much snow was left and the sky was blue and sunny. But cold it was! Minus 5°C was the high temperature. Earlier that morning I saw a clip on tv of Sydney, Australia's parade. Everyone in short sleeves and shorts. Well, not here – mittens and thermal green top hats were more the attire.

St Patrick's Parade start

This was the start of the parade with St Patrick and a bag pipe band that followed. I found it a bit of a challenge to sketch during the actual parade – I'm a bit height-challenged at 5-foot 3-inches.

To see some more sketches of the parade, check out our recap post on the Urban Sketchers Montreal blog.

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