Hide and seek

People sketching
When I go out to sketch people, I'll find a nice populated spot, pull out my sketchbook, and then, suddenly, everyone disappears. Not quite sure what secret law of the universe this is. But it always seems to happen.

This was the problem on Sunday at the museum. For my second sketch of the day I went into the decorative arts gallery and found a nice corner where people seemed to circle through often enough. But during the time it took me to sketch, not a soul came by. Finally at the end, a few victimes, I mean, brave souls, came by for me to add in.

People sketching 
For my final sketch of the day, I chose this spot that had a few people. Once again, they soon disappeared. I think the guard caught on to my dilemma. He must have circled this small gallery about five times during my sketch, always stopping in a different spot, making a pose as if to contemplate a work. But he certainly made me work – he knew to move on as soon as I was three-quarters done his portrait each time!


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