Video addiction

Danny Gregory 

Danny Gregory has a new book out, An Illustrated Journey, that is a look into the travel sketchbooks of some well known sketchers. To promote the book he has done a series of Skype interviews with the artists featured in the book. So far three videos are up (and I'm assuming/hoping more are to come) with Liz Steel, Prashant Miranda and Lapin.

I have really enjoyed watching them. I followed these artists for years. It is fascinating to see them come to life. I can relate in many ways to how they discuss sketching, their approaches and why they keep their sketchbooks.

While watching the interview with Lapin last night, I felt guilty for not sketching. That's when I thought, "Why not do both?" Voilà! Danny Gregory on Skype sketch (my Lapin sketch did not have the ressemblance).

The videos can be found on Danny Gregory's blog. Worth a look!

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