Subway Salsa

En masse
What is this squiggle??? Would you believe that these are metro-riders who took in a free Salsa dance lesson yesterday afternoon at Place des Arts metro station. The Société de transport à Montréal, through their MetroArts program is hosting free dance lessons every first and last Sunday of the month this winter. Yesterday, 150-200 people, of all ages, shapes and sizes, came for the hour long lesson. And I attempted to sketch this craziness!

This was the instructor and his volunteer assistant. He did a great job getting everyone grooving.

Dancing granddad
This gentleman and what I guess is his grandson were twisting and turning.

They know what to do
Our star couple. They must have taken salsa lessons before.

Grooving old man
And this elderly man would teeter through the moves. But he lasted the entire lesson. He had groove!

Chic scarf couple
This pair were very chic is their hats and scarves. The man really got into the steps. He wouldn't stop!

Super fast sketching. There was no time for details. But a lot of fun.

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  1. What a great way to keep warm on the weekend! You did so well to capture them whilst they danced Jen.


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