View from the sixth floor

Remember the modern looking building I sketched in yesterday's post? Well, it is from that window where I sat to do this sketch Sunday afternoon during the Montreal Urban Sketchers meet up at the Museum of Fine Arts.

I sat on the sixth floor of Bourgie Hall and looked from the window towards the south side of the street. The museum, spans both sides of Sherbrooke street, with a passage way that links both.

As I was drawing, I overheard a guide. The museum has gone through two major expansions since its construction. And although the styles range from classical to modern, each of the three architects used marble form the same quarry as one of the ways to unify the buildings.

I was lucky to have a sunbeam to sit in while sketching – it felt so nice to get a dose of sun! In the upper window you can see a few more urban sketchers, Francine and Charles.


  1. Wonderful Jen! I like the back story of unifying the building through the use of marble from same quarry. Also love that you've included other sketchers in the building across the way.

  2. Thanks Chantal!

    There were sketchers everywhere! Actually, even in my morning sketch I could see a sketcher sitting in the windows across the way - she is hiding behing the red glass sculpture.


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