Pocket full of colours

Paint tin

From time to time, people ask me about my paint tin.

Currently, I use a Schminke tin that I have retrofitted to fit more colours. It is small, when closed it is about the size of an iPhone. Open, it has a lot of mixing surface.

You can purchase this tin with Schminke paints. Filled it would have been more than I wanted to spend, but I was happy to learn that you can also purchase an empty tin. This was great since I already have paints.

There is a 14-pan clip insert in the tin that lifts out. I used this insert as a template and cut, out of a plastic lid, another insert. To this, I applied strips of poster tack. The half pans stick onto the poster tack very well. I've even dropped my tin once and nothing came unglued! But you can still swap a colour very easily. Using this method, I was able to add an extra 7 half pans to my tin.

Liz Steel has a photo tutorial which shows this perfectly. She was my inspiration for this.

Coincidentally, empty paint pans can be purchased as well and filled with tube paint. Good news since I can no longer find pan paint where I live!


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Where did you find your empty Schmincke palette?
    Thank you,
    Martine Paquet

  2. The Schminke tin I mail ordered from a lovely art store in England, Pegasus Art ( http://www.pegasusart.co.uk/ ).

    But you can also find other travel paint tins via Daniel Smith, which has a few different choices for sizes and shapes. ( danielsmith.com )


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