Drifting into 2013

Montreal snowdrifts

The holidays are almost over and the snow is starting to go back to its usual colour (brown) as the traffic picks up. The snow ploughs have not yet done my street and you can see that there still exist cars yet to be dug out. The city says we should be cleared of snow by January 7th. Currently, there is a 36-hour stoppage in snow removal, as crews have been working 24 hours for over 7 days straight.

On another subject, this is the first sketch in my new sketchbook. The last few Moleskines I have had were yellower than usual. Nice to get back to the lighter page.


  1. Every year I love reading your snowy Montreal stories. It reminds me of the best Christmas ever (spent in your fantastic city). And indeed, seeing iglos on the streets which turned out to be snowed in automobiles. :)

  2. What a terrific composition! An excellent way to start a new year and a new sketchbook!


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