Villeray street

Villeray street
Sketching on Sunday. Took me a while to get it painted - most of it was done from memory. In Montreal, the sun starts to set around 3pm in the winter. That was about the time when I finished drawing and was ready to paint.

Villeray is what they considered a "working class" neighbourhood - it was founded during the industrial era. There are lots of apartment blocks like this - lots of stairs and awnings over balconies.


  1. great work. i like the coloring and the line.
    in winter, how many hours of sun/light do you normally have?

  2. Thanks!!

    In the winter it is about 8-9 hours on average. Currently sunrise is around 7:30am and sunset is around 4:15.

    But I have to add, compared to western Canada, it just feels shorter here. It's a different kind of sky.

    How is it in Portugal? Does it differ much over the year?

  3. Well done, Jen! Love your street views!


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