Six sketchbooks sketched

So there they are, six sketchbooks sketched this year. 

I find sketchbooks like looking for a good bag – some have many of the qualities I am looking for, but no sketchbook seems to ever have all of them. In a sketchbook, I like them to open fully (for easy scanning), have a sewn binding, small enough to fit my scanner without having to scan in parts, thick pages for no see-through and that can take watercolours. 

Moleskine sketchbooks (like the ones in the picture) have most of those qualities, except for taking watercolour. They have become my comfy pyjamas of sketchbooks. I do try other types, but I seem to always go back to these. 

What about your sketchbook preferences?

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  1. Like choosing a purse...great analogy! I'm with you, I've yet to find one with ALL the qualities I desire. It's funny how we all gravitate to certain things and not others...


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