Monday morning meeting

Meeting notes
I don't sketch that much at work. I tend to stick with project briefs and timelines and budgets. But I had a sketch during my morning meeting today.

Did you know, sketching while listening to a talk or during a meeting will help you remember about 29% more information? It's true. Eva-Lotta Lamm is a designer that has taken sketchnotes to new heights. Her interesting talk gives lots of information and explains why our brains remember better while sketching.

So, sketching during meetings is a habit I hope to keep.


  1. My parents used to keep a pad on the telephone table in the hall that was full of doodles, notes and numbers to the point where we couldn't take a "sorry, wrong number" call without picking up a pen and doodling something. Maybe subconsciously our sketches and scribbles were a way to record the conversation?!

    I wish I had that note pad now! Great sketches and great post again. x

  2. I would love to see that pad too!

    I would say that it's time to start a new one, but I guess our pad-by-the-phone days are over. Wonder what we could replace it by?


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