Emerald for 2013


Pantone has picked it's colour to represent 2013 and that colour is emerald. 

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I certainly would not refuse a gift of emeralds, but as a colour, it is not my go to green. 

Take for example my paint tin. Viridian green is an emerald green that came with my original set. I think this is my least used colour. To the point that it is the next to get voted out off the tin in my next refill.

Emerald is just not a green that I find in nature up here in Montreal. I do use quite a lot of Olive green, with highlights of sap green. But Emerald is just too… green for me.

So what about you? What do you think of Pantone's colour choice for 2013?


  1. i am not sure what to think about emerald yet :) ... but your post kept me thinking about other thing ... it would be nice if watercolor sets were adapted to the color of the countries :) ... wouldn't it? :D

  2. I agree. At least for the starter sets - they should be a bit more regionalized. It's a pain when you buy a set and there are some colours not worth using.


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