Cold sketching

Morrice Hall, McGill Campus 
The Montreal Urban Sketchers group met yesterday on the McGill campus for a morning outdoor sketch and an afternoon session at the Redpath Museum.

This was my coldest weather sketch to date.

Minus one degrees celsius (-6°C when you factor in the windchill), there were 6 of us who braved the cold for an hour, before going in for a coffee break and a defrost. You can see in my sketch that I started on the right hand side. As time passed (and the cold seeped in) the details got a bit sparse. Colour was added once back home.

I have sketched Morrice Hall about a year and a half ago. I posted it here. It was a lot warmer sketching that time.

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  1. -1 C! Extreme sketching! I'm impressed that you did it - and for that length of time! Nice work too - I like the link back to the sketch a year before as well.


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