What was I thinking?

Me, not really

Self-portrait practice this morning. This only sort of looks like me. I was busy concentrating on drawing that I didn't even think to pose. I think I could have a caption contest for this one: What was I thinking???


  1. you are funny! i wouldn't dare to draw myself. It would not be pretty! Good did a good job!

  2. Thanks Edgar!

    It's a good test, and a reminder not to take yourself or your drawing too too seriously.

  3. "12 noon and I've already hit my daily quota of 6 espresso!"

    I think its great. A far better self portrait than I could ever do Jen! I'm sticking to drawing the back of peoples heads for a few months to come yet.

  4. Hehe. 6 espressos - all I can say is ouch!

    Good idea, though, drawing backs of peoples heads. All that hair can get tricky. I should try that too.


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