One of the reasons why I visited the Military Museums of Calgary during my vacation (see my last post), was to do a bit of research about my grandfather who had served in the army. When he was alive, he didn't like to discuss this part of his life, so we don't have that many of the details.

Young Gran
This is a photo of my grandfather, "Gran" when he was in his 20s. (You can see my rendition of this photo here.) He joined the Fort Garry Horse regiment, which is based out of Manitoba, but he did his training in Calgary, not far from where the museum is located. Fort Garry Horse partnered with the Lord Strathcona's Horse to form a larger armoured brigade. This is where my grandfather learned to drive a tank.

Fort Garry Horse pin
Pin from Gran's army beret

From what we know, he had served in England and eventually went to The Netherlands before the war ended. He quite liked The Netherlands while he was there. But, as one of the few stories we have, he was not the most skilled of tank drivers – he wound up driving into a wall.

Army Jacket
Gran's army jacket

But during the war he did find love and brought his war bride back to Canada.


  1. My grandma was a war bride too. I know almost nothing about my grandfather -- he died long before I was born. Kind of wish that the family had been more interested in what he did during the war. I'd like to have stories. Any stories.

  2. Wow, Jen, what an interesting investigation... And how remarkable, that there are even some roots in my country!
    This surely makes for some fine drawing.


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