balcony is open

First Sunday aft of balcony sketching

Sundays in the summer, once the chores are done, are time for a little balcony time to sketch. It takes the average person about 10 seconds to walk the block in front of my house – usually to go to or from the nearby farmer's market. Not enough time for detailed sketching but great for capturing general postures, movement or figures.

Today it was finally warm enough to open the balcony for a first round of people sketching. Summer is coming!


  1. Hi hi! I love this. I haven't done any drawing for months and I've really missed it. You're so inspiring!!

  2. I have just become a big fan of your sketches and pencil art really...you have such a simplicity and elegance in your work...you have just gather many of the natural aspects so simply...Amazing!!


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