5 months now


These mittens have been my daily fashion accessory now for 5 months. Wool, they are actually two pairs – one inside the other. Wearing two pairs, they are warmer and feel so much more cozy.

But it has now been 5 months. I am looking forward to trading these in for some sunscreen and flip flops.


  1. flip flops sound amazing.

    maybe you can spruce up the gloves by putting the inside pair on the outside?!

  2. Hang in there! I think the warm weather is coming! :)

  3. I can completely relate Jen! I too am looking forward to days where I can leave the house in mere seconds instead of the 3-5 minutes it takes me after donning all the winter gear! :)

  4. I don't think I could handle your winter..... great illustration.

  5. Yes...I think we are all yearning for spring. I love this painting of your mittens. At least, at the sight of it, my hands feel warm :)

  6. Hope you've are in the middle of making your transition over to spring. It has sprung in North Carolina and we're lovin' life!


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