Museum sketching

I had two hours this afternoon to spend at Musée des Beaux-Art Montréal. So I got a little quality time with my sketchbook.

First up was some early Roman history – I sketched a few of the marble heads.

Roman heads

Then onto Egypt. I couldn't pass this guy up – he had such great legs.

Egyptian Ibis

In the Pre-Colombian section, I first came across this woman. She strikes me more of a terracotta teddy bear than woman, to be honest.

Peruvian Female statue

In the same section, these Mexican mask stones just begged me to draw them. They each had such individual personalities. I'm sure if they could talk, they would have a lot to say. Too bad they are a bit hidden in a corner. (Or is that on purpose, to keep them quiet???)

Mexican Masks

Off to some more modern design, I spotted this Eames chair. After watching the PBS American Masters documentary on the couple, I had to take advantage of sketching this chair in person.

Eames Chair

Around the corner was this early Ski-Doo. Considering the snowy weather, it seemed right to get a sketch. It had such a nice paint job.

Early model Ski-Doo

Onto the feature exhibition, Le Grand Carnaval de Feininger, about cartoonist, illustrator, painter and photographer Lyonel Feininger.

Autoportrait Lyonel Feiniger

I enjoyed viewing the images he sketched in preparation for later works. It is nice to be reminded that even great artists still start in their sketchbooks with half drawings and chicken scratches. He is more known for his geometric, layered paintings and his association with the Bauhaus style (which is hard to portray in my sketch of Broken Glass).

Visages Slyvestres – FeinigerBroken Glass – Feiniger

By this time, my back was starting to ache, but I still wanted to get a sketch of a gallery, people and all. I headed over to one of the Contemporary Art rooms. The large scale pieces are so fun. I sketched quickly to set the room so I could add in people after. I guess everyone knew what I was up to, they all disappeared. I managed to fit in two people roughly (can you see them?).

Contemporary Art Gallery

Finally, I caught this unsuspecting human looking at some lovely drawings in their "Old Masters" exhibit.

An unsuspecting human

I'll have to go back when the humans are not in hiding.


  1. Wow! You're making me want to head for a museum with a sketchpad. Thanks for sharing your day.

  2. fantastic illustrations here!
    love the talking heads <3

  3. I love this little visual and literal commentary about your visit! I can just imagine what was going on and giggling at some of those pieces (like the Pre-Colum. lady!). You could really use these as a basis for a bigger project! ;)

  4. Thanks for the tour! You covered a lot of ground...and drew an Eames chair to boot!

  5. Great to take a walk through the museum with you! Great sketches!


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