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I really do like my current bag, which I have sketched in the past here. But it has two problems: it is just slightly too small to carry my sketchbook and, because it is leather, it gets too hot and heavy in the summer. So, I have started to do a bit of internet window shopping – above are a few of the contenders.

The Longchamp Le Pliage tote is very French chic, and getting very popular in Montreal at the moment. The large size would be big enough, but it only has one interior pocket. And, considering it is nylon, a bit pricey.

The Makr Farm messenger (I drew the grey version) is also big with good pockets. Might actually be a bit too big. Plus, I find having a flap closure always a bit of a struggle if you are trying to get something in/out while wearing it. For canvas, it also costs a few pennies.

Manhattan Portage has a nice tote – good pockets and looks like it fits well on the shoulder. But comparing the measurements to my current bag, I fear it might not be big enough.

Baggu's Duck bag is spacious, comes in lots of colours and is very affordable. It has a snap closure (instead of a zipper) and only one interior pocket. 

I think from this list I might have an option or two.
Does anyone have a favourite bag for lugging their sketchbook out and about?

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  1. Ooooh! I don't think there is a bad decision here! Love them all.


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