Saturday night cinema

Peter Brand
Johan Hill stars as Peter Brand in Moneyball

Continuing on my movie theme, I watched Moneyball last night. I feel so behind on this year's Oscar selection. This is a sketch from one of my favourite scenes, when Peter Brand has to explain who he is and consequently gets his own taste at being scouted.

This is a strong year for our Mr Pitt. He also starred in Tree of Life, which I saw earlier this year and posted about, which is also up for a few Oscars.

What did you think of the film? And now, what should I see next?


  1. Hi Jen, don't know this film, but I do like the drawing!

  2. I loved "Moneyball", which says it's really good considering I don't follow professional baseball! Peter Brand was great in it! This is a great illo of him too! We finally watched "Tree of Life" and though it wasn't "life changing" like the critics said and the space odyssey parts were too long, it did make us think. I loved the period scenes in the old houses! I wanted the mom to speak up more and I felt so sorry for the oldest boy. But I guess he made peace with the whole situation. Families can be hard but love conquers all!


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