Le Mont Royal

The Montreal Mountain.* At the base of the east side of Mount Royal is the monument to Sir George-Étienne Cartier – something I have wanted to sketch for quite some time. It is one of the iconic pieces of Montreal. On the left of the spread, you can see the mountain in the background and another icon of Montreal – the Mount Royal Cross, which deserves a post of its own. The mountain, for any newcomer to Montreal, serves as a reference point when you try to find your way around since it is almost always visible on the island.

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* As a Western Canadian girl, having grown up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, yes I am very much aware that this ain't no mountain. But native Montreallers are a bit sensitive when it comes to the under-development of their poor mountain. It is best to play along.


  1. Hey Jen, I have always wanted to visit Montreal, and these beautiful little sketches make me want to go all the more! Sooo nice!

  2. Oh, and I can totally relate to the mountain-thing (being from the PNW). When I go back east, and they talk about their "mountains," I just smile politely :)

  3. I'm sure it's beautiful there! I hope I can see it in person someday and then I'll remember your sketches! ;)


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