Lavender and Mint

Despite my best efforts of neglect, my little balcony herbe garden continues to grow. There is something about this quick sketch that appeals to me.

On another topic, I have signed up to do Jamie Shelman's drawing course Bon Apetito – cooking and art. So if you would like to eat, draw and be merry along with me, check it out! Starts August 9th.


  1. Hi Jennifer, nice sketch. Do you make this digital?

    Have fun with the course and give Jamie my greetings!

  2. Thanks Nelleke.

    This sketch is very low tech - pen to paper. Just scanned and adjusted the contrasts.

  3. I wish I could join you in the class! Have fun! I still remember the drawing you did for "smell" (I think) of the food for her class... you'll be really good in this upcoming one. This illo has nice contrasts of shapes!

  4. I love this. Simple and fresh...love LOVE!


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