IF: Remedy

This is my kitchen tap, which drips. Lately, it has gotten to the point where I need to do something about it. Usually this is not a hard thing to replace, but this tap seems to require more elbow grease than my elbow is able to give. So after the first period, the score stands: Tap 1, Jen 0.

And if anyone knows how to get a calcified, stuck tap loose so I can change the washer, let me know. I need the remedy!


  1. Oh. is difficult to obtain a remedy, and usually expensive!
    I'm sorry I have no solution.:(
    And if you draw a non-dripping faucet?

  2. i like the looseness of the paint and the drips, appropriate for a leaky faucet... I have no remedy though...

  3. I wish I knew the answer for you! I've had my share of leaky taps, but I resort to the plumber.....your illustrations are so fresh and skillful.

  4. don't have a remedy for a leaky faucet but i love the illustration!!

  5. They sell stuff at the home stores to get crud off of plumbing fixtures. Get Lime Away or something like that. If it's got that much corrosion on it, you might have to do it a few/several times. If you can get enough off to get the handle off, you could soak it in a bowl of the stuff. After that, the washer ought to be easy. I hate plumbing! Your illo tells the story :)


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