Movie going

Yesterday was la fête St-Jean-Baptist in Quebec and a day off for most. I usually wind up going to the movies on this day - and this year was also the case. In fact, since it was pouring rain, most people decided to go to the movies as well. I saw Terrence Malik's Tree of Life - the theatre was completely full.

I was warned before going that this was more art film than Hollywood drama - I suspect most people there did not get the same warning. Only a few left, however, but it was still amusing to hear the comments at the end when the lights came up.

I did enjoy the film - I liked that you are left to explore the storyline on your own. It's a bit long and I found the space-odyssey bits somewhat distracting (but I give Malik credit for trying something different).

Have you seen it? What did you think?


  1. I will have to see if Netflix offers that... it sounds really interesting!

  2. sweet illo! i want to go see a movie now :)

  3. Jen- so glad you saw! Love this drawing!


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