What kind of squeezer are you?

One of the comments from my last post got me thinking about squeezing the toothpaste tube and how this can become a subject of debate (especially when living with people who have different squeeze-styles). So readers, tell me, what kind of squeezer are you?

Personally, I tend to alternate between middle squeezing (especially with a new fat tube) and an end squeezer.


  1. end squeezer, and roller as i get to the end. :) great illustration. very fresh and light looking

  2. Oooh, I'm a mix I will start off in the middle of a new tube and then before it gets too obvious I'll start squeezing from the bottom.........

    Now tell me do you prefer toilet paper over the top of the roll or underneath the roll?

    Very humours illustration, I love it.

    Claire :}

  3. Hehe.

    Oh toilet paper - no question! Underneath!! ; )

  4. I'm an end roller (after first squeezing the middle) and my husband is an end squeezer! I've considered getting my own tube because it is ANNOYING!! ;) LOVE your illustrations and this post!!

  5. TPtube=middle
    Great post, great drwgs :)

  6. This is really funny! I myself tend to be an end squeezer, but my little kids are cap leaver offerers, so much so that it's often a scavenger hunt to find out where the cap went.

  7. Ha Ha so cute. I actually have a tool that pushes the paste forward...it goes on the end and inches it's way up slowly. No rolling needed :D

    it's a genius invention for sure!


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