The noses know.

If these noses could speak, they would be saying, "Atchoooo". Allergy season has hit this week. My brain is like a bowl of jello - illustrations are slow to come out (but now weirdly strawberry flavoured).

How is allergy season for you?


  1. I think noses are very difficult to draw. I can only draw simple almost straight lines.:-)

    Hope your allergy season will be over soon.

  2. I like the rhythm in them, that they don't stand all in the same direction and although maybe it's not such a pleasant feeling, the red color suits them in this case :-)

    Good luck with your allergy!

  3. I like your noses. They have a lot of character in them!

  4. I love the different shapes.
    Hope you recover from your allergy soon.

  5. Love this illustration! We are suffering a little around here too (we've tired of saying "Bless you" already!)


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