My stapling machine

Okay I know it is draft to be in love with a stapler. But this isn't just any stapler. It's a stapling machine!

At a former office, I had this stapler. Worked great, never jammed. And I really liked the styling of it. Retro. Quite heavy. Then I left that job - and no, I did not nick the stapler. But I did miss it. I was back to new staplers that jam and look ugly.

So recently, I found one on Etsy and got my stapler back - with the original box. The price tag on it, from Karls, was priced originally at $4.95. This one has a bit more wear, but works just as well.

After a bit of research, I found out that Morris Abrams was the founder of Arrow Fastener Co. Inc., in Brooklyn, N.Y.. The two original patents were filed in 1939 and 1941 respectively and this model stapler (#105) is part of this first group.

I am the new happy owner of a vintage stapler.


  1. Congrats on your "new" old stapler. I think staplers are kind of like toasters--when you find one that really works, you have to hang on to it! And yes...they are great machines when they work right. Btw, nice illustration!

  2. Ooh. Nooo it's not daft to be in love with a stapler. A good stapler is a treasure. That one is a beauty!


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