More figures

More figure practise. These ones are drawn using my Lamy pen - which I mentioned in this previous post, I am slow to embrace. In my sketchbook, this pen does not have the same soft glide as my cheapy pen. I have to draw slower and make more deliberate lines, which is not necessarily bad. For these sketches, I was doing a 90 second practise, so I had to learn to be efficient with how I dissected each figure.

I wonder what each of these beings is thinking. What do you think? Send me your speech/thought bubbles in the comments.


  1. nice work! its really interesting to see how speed makes shapes so direct!

  2. I'm not good at the speech bubble thing but it reminds me of people stretching out before an aerobics class!! You have a good sense of body weight balance... they are well grounded. This might not seem like much, but it is hard to achieve that when focusing on the contour line. Your lines are getting more confident too! It's hard to change tools and I'm impressed!


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