Beautiful day today. I had ambitions to go out and draw somewhere - but the balcony was much more inviting. Before I did that, I went to the market. Everyone seemed to be there, making the most of the one sunny day this long weekend. There were musicians, hot dogs smoking away, all the garden flowers are in full bloom. Here is a drawing I did, once home and on my terrace, of the things I picked up:

- mixed green and yellow beans
- a bunch of mixed coloured bell peppers
- fiddleheads (haven't had these in ages)
- strawberries
- blueberries
- 2 pots of lemon thyme (my favourite with pasta)
- 1 pot of Moroccan mint
- 1 pot of lavender (which always dies, but I still love the smell)
- 1 samosa (eaten at the market)

Hope everyone else had a lovely Saturday.

(click image to see a larger version)


  1. ฺBeautiful drawing. Love the color combination :-)

    It's very nice weather here in Bangkok too :D

  2. I SO love your food drawings! Stunning!

  3. Bountiful & beautiful!

    I'd never heard of fiddleheads – I don't think we have them here in the UK, shame, they look like fun.


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