The spoils of the hunt

Went to Ikea last night. I didn't get much but I did find popsicle makers! These would have been great to have last year when the heat wave came. So this year I will be prepared. I remember having homemade popsicles (usually frozen Tang juice) when I was little. So if anyone out there has good popsicle recipes - I'm on the lookout. So far I have one for Lemon Kreamsicles that looks really good.

Also, if you have been following my Twitter for some time, you might know that when I went to Ikea a few months back I had the intention to get some cinnamon buns, but had to abandon last minute. It was a true cinnamon bun tragedy! But last night I got my sweets - a whole box (now minus two). Hehe.


  1. http://tipnut.com/homemade-popsicles/ has some great recipes. I've made a few and they've been pretty tasty, but a lot of the times I just wing it with juice and fresh fruit that I have on hand. The possibilities are endless. Love your illustrations!

  2. Mmmm, thanks Sarah. That popsicle listing does have some that look really good. I'll have to work my way through!


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