second time never as good

I drew this tonight - low on time and inspiration so I default to drawing houseplants. Anyways, I started too far to the left and could not fit in the third flower that I had wanted to add. I did try to redraw the composition, but it just wasn't as good as this first attempt. Always seems that way, when you go back for seconds of something - never as good as the first. Oh well.

This orchid flowered in the first week of February. Its flowers are still in good shape. What a talented plant! It only took three years for it to rebloom - I'm glad that, at least, the flowers hang around a bit.
(However, seems like my Christmas Cactus took the year off from flowering. Not sure what is up with him - might need some repotting.)

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  1. I like just the two of them. It's like a couple. I completely understand what you mean about the first drawing... it's like there is something to that first impression that you record, that you don't tend to see the second time around. I am in awe of your green thumb... I did not get that gene!!


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