Saturday sketching

Two of the sketches I did today. I've had my glasses for a year now, but I still haven't been able to get used to them. The prescription is fine. (It didn't change from my old pair.) It is more the look - they are quite bold. I like them, but I still don't feel like they are mine. They are similar to the ones that Sandra Juto wears, except her's have more of an angle to them. I think they look nice on her.

Sandra Juto is also a very good photographer - another lovely person worth checking out. Here is her blog. Love her photos.

Today was super sunny and warm. Everyone seems to be a bit more cheery - getting those added vitamin-Ds. First day of sketching on the balcony (nothing worth showing, though). I sketched the people and dogs that visited the yard sale next door.

Also today there was a sudden flash-mob Oompa band that stopped down the block, played one song (really good) and then packed up and left as quickly as they came! Too quickly for me to even get a sketch.

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