Wochenrückblick (9)

Saw :: Cheek Fille's video (aka Virginie Caplet) on working with different personality types (in French). Bravo! (her blog as well.), 
Heard :: The National (is there really anything else?)
Did :: went to see (finally) Black Swan and The King's Speech (I'm on a roll!)
Ate :: Kraft mac + wieners (it's only been about 4 years since the last time)
Drank :: coffee
Bought :: Snickers bar and foot scrub
Loved :: a mid-week matinée is not all that bad...
Hated :: Oh toothache go away - don't you realize I have no dental care. Lino cutter-finger mishaps. Having to leave the cinnamon buns behind :(
Wished :: maybe someday I'll learn Swedish. Then I'd understand Krickelin-krickelin.
Asked :: Do I have enough for bus fare in Longueuil?
Clicked :: Claire Brewster's beautiful birds, Queensland Flood Appeal auction (bidding still going on until Sunday Jan 23rd)


  1. I always look forward to these posts! As usual... you've found some great sites! And drank coffee. Please use a bench hook when you're carving your linoblocks!! It will save your hands!

  2. Excellent (except the stuff that wasn't). Glad you got to drink some coffee. That's the main thing.


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