Wochenrückblick (10)

Heard :: noisy neighbours
Read :: Guide annuel com 2011
Did :: Research, waiting, repeat (blah!)
Ate :: avocados, blood oranges, and other healthy things (sandwiched between doses of chocolate)
Drank :: coffee
Bought :: 2 books - one I wasn't expecting to find.
Loved :: my slightly more organized living room, watching Top Gear (I have no interest in cars, don't even own one at the moment, but must admit this show is really quite amusing.)
Hated :: not enough sketching this week!! (Bad Jen!); people who say they call and then don't.
Wished :: More sun!!
Asked :: what to do about March?
Clicked :: Facebook (follow me here! My page could use the love.)


  1. I also detest people who say they will call and then don't! grumble grumble!

  2. what a great snapshot of your week and perfect illustration to accompany it, so much more fun than keeping a journal :)

  3. I like that shading on the tea bags... very nice. I would friend you on fb but I got out of there... time-sucking.


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