Weekend project

I had a sudden urge to carve some lino and make prints. So once I thought up my design, I went down to the art store and got some lino and a bit of ink. Here are some pictures of the carving process - can you see the design?

This is my first time carving this black softer lino - I must say it is a bit easier. Carving lino is a great way to inflame a carpal tunnel nerve!

My plates are now done. Today I must do other boring things like laundry, but I hope to get printing this evening. With luck I'll be able to show you some prints soon!


  1. Looks like Valentines Day! I love linocuts but haven't done them in awhile. I hope you show us your prints!

  2. Thank you for sharing This! And the final result is so perfect! some day i'll give it a try : D Kisses from Portugal : ***


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