IF: Winter

This is actually a rough sketch for a larger project, but in the end I didn't quite like the direction. Oh well.

Anyways, here is to winter and another 4 months of wrapping up like this. May all your important bits stay warm and frost free!


  1. i love to see more looseness again, jen! really like this one. have a very merry christmas! (will soon reply goalwise ;))

  2. it's like a winter burka!

    Expecting a blizzard here today and I'm oddly jazzed about it.

    Nice illo :)

  3. You know, lolo, I had the same thought - it's a thermal burka. They are quite the style at this time of year.

    Have fun with the blizzard. For now it is going to bypass us.

  4. Hope you had a great Christmas Jen! This is how I'm dressed everyday and it's only in the 30's! eee!


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