IF: Mail

I got my last parcel in the mail on Friday - and with luck it should arrive on the other side of Canada before Christmas. The postage was nearly the same price as the parcel itself! My neighbourhood post office is a virtual Santa's workshop with all the packages shipping out or waiting to be picked up - the couple who runs the place are starting to look a bit winded. I wish them luck - one more week to go!


  1. Simple but beautiful. I love it.

    I like the airy feeling and the pretty lettering too :-)

  2. great illo and what a perfect wish, especially at this time of year

  3. Very nice work. Simple and lovely!

  4. the mail has the wings!how great!
    Happy holidays! have a joyous holiday season and a happy new year!

  5. Great simple style! Hope you have a great holiday and that your sent mail arrives in canada in time.


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