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Photo sources : allbuttonedup.wordpress.com, knit.sunidesus.net,
mnknittersguild.wordpress.com, cleanerplateclub.wordpress.com

Knitting has got me all inspired of late. Yesterday, I had to wear my touque for the first time this year. We don't yet have snow on the ground - but the days are getting cooler. I do have to admit, I think my mittens are one of my favourite winter things. My mom has even crocheted me a pair of wrist worms! I can't wait to get them in the mail.


  1. I always want to wear mittens and wrist worms are pretty cool too. But my city never has cold weather. The coldest for us just requires a light jacket and knitted mittens are really unnecessary.

    Love the colors here :-)

  2. Ah, that knitting bug is starting to bite here!


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