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As part of my Pikaland bootcamp, we were discussing a recent article from the New York Times and the decline in Children's Picture book publishing. I think it is very sad that picture books are declining in popularity - learning to read pictures to get clues and nuances about the meaning is just as important to learn as actual word-literacy. And then the joy of reading often comes from having been introduced to picture books when young AND not to mention the joy of art and illustration! Anyways I shall get off my soapbox and invite you all to read the article - feel free to give me your impression.

Continuing the theme, I did a guest spot on Chick likes Meatball today to tell everyone about one of my favourite children's books, Alligator Pie, by Dennis Lee and illustrated by Frank Newfeld.

With the rainy cold weather and all this talk about books, think I might just go off and crawl under a blanket with one!

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