Bring on the boys

The other week I had posted about some of the people who inspire me. Turned out my post was a little girl-centered. That is not to say that there doesn't exist any male sources of inspiration - quite the contrary, actually. So without much further ado, here are a few of guys who I follow...

His blog, Waldo Walkiria World, is a fun place to check out each week. He is a regular on Illustration Friday - I look forward to his entries. His is always able to put a unique spin on each theme and he has a fantastic wit to his drawings. His palette tends to favour monochrome - but I love all the tones he is able to achieve.

There is so much to like about Tommy's site. I love his clean style to his sketches - the outlines and his clean colours - very inspiring. He is a storyteller as well as a sketch artist - I love reading all the anecdotes for each post - just brings new appreciation to each image.

Danny's books have an almost-permanent home on my couch. He has inspired me to pick up my sketchbook to document life's moments. His site is a continuation of his books. Danny has shared quite a lot via his blog to his readers, I find that is very brave and quite inspiring.

I learned about Ryan recently and have enjoyed seeing his work and reading his blog. I love all the behind-the-scenes posts. I love the characters he creates and look forward to reading more.

This guy sketches the stitches out of his sketchbooks! Amazing imagery, I love seeing where he takes his ideas.

But wait! Make sure to check out my links list for all the other lovely people I follow on a regular visit. The list continues to grow.


  1. Jen, it´s a big big pleasure you consider my work beside so great artists. I thank you very much. Double thanks, because I think you are very creative (I remember your wonderful trees of "adrift" entry)

  2. Good to know you think of the boys too!


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