Inspiration found!

I have been asked to share where I find some of my inspiration - what blogs / illustrators that I turn to. In fact, there are many, but these are les incontournables, as I call them.

Penelope Dullaghan - portfolio / blog

Penelope is an illustrator I learned of via Illustration Friday - which was her brain-child. I love her colour palettes, the way she layers her work, the textures and her lines. She also writes a great blog. Yogi in training and zen mama she writes about how she manages to juggle it all. It's great to read that she is human just like the rest of us.

Readers of my blog have probably noticed all the posts that start IF: ... These are my entries for Illustration Friday. The concept is simple - a word is posted every Friday and you have until next Friday to create your work, post it to the web and link it to the main Illo Fri site. What is great is that you can then go back through everyone else's posts to see how others have interpreted the same idea. I have met many a fellow illustrator through this site. It's also a great way to get the creative juices going when that white page starts to stare back at you.

an open [sketch]book (Suzanne Cabrera)

The blog of Suzanne Cabrera. Her site is like one big sketchbook - little snippets of her life and observations. It is through this blog that I really started to use my sketchbook. It's inspiring to have gone through her blog and seen how she has grown since starting it. I look forward to seeing what comes in the future.

Camilla Engman - portfolio / blog

This is another illustrator who inspires me with her colour palettes. I also love her mix of different medias - line drawings, painting, collage. Nature is a big inspiration for her, but then who wouldn't be with the Swedish countryside around! And, of course, you can't write about Camilla without giving a mention to her dog Morran - who frequently turns up in her blog. She's so sweet!

Julia Rothman - portfolio / blog

I have only recently started following Julia via her blog - but I have been coming across her illustrations for some time - always saying to myself: "I like that. I wonder who it is." I love Julia's line style - particularly her hand drawn illustrations. She also writes an interesting blog called A book by it's cover - she always has interesting books to show and tell.

Apart from these lovely women, I do have many other favourite blogs and illustrators. I have put some in my links list - and I will continue to add more. So go have a look at the list as well as a visit to the sites of these women!


  1. Jen---Thank you SO much. And to be listed along with these other artists who I too admire... Thank you!

    And very excited to find your blog. LOVE IT!!!!

  2. I love Penelope Dullaghan too.. but then again, who wouldn't?

  3. Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us! I agree that IF has totally inspired me to get up a draw some days :)

  4. Love everyone that you are inspired by, and so enjoyed reading the thoughtful lines you wrote about each of these amazing artists... great post, and much visiting that I will be doing...

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love Julia Rothman's work. Incredible! And now I have to check out all the others!


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