Highlevel Diner

For those visiting Edmonton, Alberta, the first stop I recommend visiting is the Highlevel Diner. I used to live a block away from this local institution (going on 28 years now). They have the best weekend brunch - the cinnamon bun are the best.

The story of this diner is also quite interesting. The owner, Patrick Turner, had received quite a large bid from a developer to buy the site. They would have surely torn the restaurant down. Instead, Turner decided to sell the restaurant to the employees for half the value.

I sketched this using Google street view.


  1. Wow. Does that ever bring back memories of nachos at way-too-late at night...

  2. I love places like this. Great drawing too. I want to go!

  3. I loved their terrace in the summer. Their iced coffees were sooo good.

  4. very nice drawing,
    I like what you like!


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